Monday, March 5, 2012

5 days - Thanks Grandma

It's 5 days until Nic and I say I DO
Today I feel cold in this Melbourne weather. But whatev's, we're on holidays.

Everything is basically set. We had a the wedding practice on Sunday. We have a very organised wedding celebrant that's for sure. She's all over the finer details, now that's done, the day will run smoothly.
For Nic and I we just want to say "yeah cool hi everyone we're married" but there is a seriousness to the event, and now everyone knows where to stand and when to speak...sort of. All will be good.
Yesterday we went and picked up our travel documents for the honeymoon. Again we weren't all about the  procedure, just like " yeah cool we're going on a honeymoon"...but we needed to listen to the important stuff, and now will be getting one of the Euro cash cards to save bank fees being charged. Thank You Sally at Westminster Travel. We'll spend our savings on Tapas.
What's become evident to me these past couple of days is simply just how much fun we're having planning this event, and getting ready for it. We're having that much fun, it makes us just so relaxed which for some we can seem blase. But that's how we roll, we're taking everything seriously, just in our own laid back way.
Stuff did a get a bit emotionally serious yesterday afternoon though with an amazing reminder of where I've been, where I've come from and who I am. my Grandma (Mum's Mum) passed away some 5 years ago. Grandma, aka Gladys Spence was an incredibly well planned and thoughtful woman. An example of this was when we were growing up she'd place aside $1 a week for all the Grandkids, and then we'd receive an envelope every 10 weeks. It was pay dirt for us. When we reached a certain age, it became even more awesome as Grandma jacked up the weekly contribution to $2 making that envelope even juicier. This was big cash for us as kids. But looking back, a well budgeted contribution from her pension to her Grandkids. So yesterday this cash giving, forward thinking, well planned, loving woman came alive again and hit me like a freight train. My mother years ago was handed an envelope to pass onto me. I received this yesterday.

As you could imagine, a serious amount of emotion rushes through your mind when you receive a gift like this from someone who's voice you haven't heard for five years. What an amazing gesture from an amazing woman.  I could not believe what I was reading, what I was holding. "This is for Greg if I'm not here when he gets married - from Grandma"
That right there is the most cherished gift of all time. It's just goes to show, those that aren't here physically, truly through spirit always are with us.
If I mention this on Saturday I'm pretty sure the rowdy cousins table will be reaching for the Kleenex, as while Grandma created fantastic fodder for us, and we often chuckled at her traits, we all loved her and miss her.
So to honour her, unlike previous envelopes I'll be putting this one to far better use instead of buying a slab of beer like I used to.
The only thing Grandma didn't magically do was have the contents accumulate financial interest over the five years. (I wouldn't be surprised if the bank manager calls in the next couple of days though) You get rare moments in life when you get to stop in your tracks, and appreciate what life is all about. 
This wedding is one of the those moments. So was receiving the keepsake I did yesterday. 
Thanks Grandma.


  1. In the middle of parent teacher interviews here struggling not to lose my shit.
    Good work Grandma

  2. Fantastic Greg and Congratulations to you both!